Welcome toEagle Township
Welcome toEagle Township
Located in the northwest corner of Vinton County, Ohio.

A word from the


We would like to thank you for visiting our site and hope that you find it useful. The Board of Trustees is dedicated to serving the residents of Eagle Twp. and making our roads safer and more pleasurable to travel. We have a very aggressive plan for our roads this year. So far we have replaced and or added 10 culverts to various roads with many more to go. We have also been cleaning and establishing ditches to roads. If you have not yet seen us on your road, rest assured we will be there in the course of this year. We would like to thank all Eagle Twp. residents for their patience during construction closures and equipment activity. Please revisit our site for updates and as new items are added.

Thanks again for visiting,
Eagle Twp. Board of Trustees