Upcoming Meeting Agenda

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– Please arrive by meeting start time-

Notice To Address board

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Special meeting

Sunday June 30th 2024 @ 7pm


Discuss Culvert Replacement on Gibson Hollow and Wilt RD

Vote on Contractor for said work

Regular meeting Thursday February 29th @ 7pm


Regular meeting Thursday January 25th @ 7pm


*Special Meeting*

Thursday January 4th @ 7 PM

Agenda – 2024 Budget

Regular Meeting Thursday August 28th @ 8 PM


-Discuss completion of chip Seal

-Ditching that was completed

-Update on drag patching  for Gibson Hollow

-Rodney C Amerine obtaining lawyer to sue Eagle Township for debri left on his property during preparations for chip seal on Riddle Rd.

-Ohio forestry Grant

-Fire Contract

Regular Meeting Thursday July 27th @ 8pm


Road prep work for chip seal

Update on Drag patching

County schedule for chip seal

Locks cut off fuel tank at township building , new locks installed

Trans line leak on chevy and flat

Regular Meeting Thursday April 27th @ 8pm


  • Backhoe repairs
  • Complaints (Dixon)
  • Memorial Weekend preparations
  • OSU student project
  • ADA Compliant upgrade to Township building

Special Meeting Sunday April 9th @ 9am


-Trackhoe rental for Ditching / Culvert replacement

-Cold patch ordering

-Cutting Right Of Way

-chipper Rental



Regular Meeting Thursday February 23rd @ 8pm

Agenda –

EPA Violation Update

Ohio Forestry grant

Vote for Board Officers

Regular Meeting Thursday January 26th @ 8pm


Special 2023 Budget Meeting Saturday January 7th @ 9am

  • Agenda
  • 2023 Budget


Regular Meeting Wednesday December 14th @ 7 PM

-Snow Plows

-Township Building repairs

-Ratcliff Hill

-Kaulus Certain road complaints


Regular Meeting Thursday November 17th @ 8pm


Snow Plows

Township building repairs

Riddle and Ratcliff work updates

Ratcliff stump removal

December Meeting


Regular Meeting Thursday Oct 27th @ 0800


Fire contract

Township building repairs

Snow plows for trucks

Riddle and Ratcliff Updates

Ratcliff stump removal

November meeting change

Eastfork water drainage at Millers

Blessing complaint on Wilt Rd


Special Meeting Sunday October 16th @ 9am


  • Approve quote for Roberts water installation
  • Discuss Aggregate for Riddle Hill and Ratcliff Hollow

Regular Meeting Thursday 9-29-2022 @ 8pm


Fire contract

Road maintenance update


Regular Meeting Thursday 8-25-2022 @ 8pm


  • Water taps for residents
  • contractor for potable water lines
  • Lebanon cemetery marking
  • Cemetery Cleanup
  • Resident Complaints
  • Gravel rd maintenance  – Ratcliff Hill, Riddle Hill  , Haynes Hollow and McGee rd
  • Eastfork rd drainage (David Miller ) residence




Regular Meeting Thursday 7-28-2022 @ 8pm

Water Drainage  onto  Eastfork  rd @ Miller residence

Insurance for Board

Twp truck updates

Hazardous tree removal along twp rds

Extra cleanup of cemeteries

Audit released for 2020-2021

Records retention

Special Meeting Monday 7-18-2022 @ 7pm

Cemetery mowing contracts

Township building  ADA compliant upgrades

Township fire protection


Regular Meeting Thursday 6-30-2022 @ 8 pm


Cemetery Cleanup

ADA compliant building

Fire Protection

Dodge truck


All Ohio Mowing

Bed Tax




Special Meeting Sunday 6-5-2022 @ 130


Cemetery Mowing contract

Mowing equipment purchase

Current condition of Cemeteries

Regular Meeting Thursday May 26th 2022 @8pm


  • Dodge truck purchase
  • Cemetery mowing contract
  • Township Fire protection
  • Insurance for board
  • Bed Tax
  • David Miller residents drainage into road on Eastfork

*Special Meeting*

Tuesday April 5th @ 8 pm


To discuss and award Cemetery Mowing Contract

Radcliff hill And logging on maxwell


March 31st 2022 regular Meeting @ 930


Health Insurance

C.A.R.E.S. Update

O.D.O.T. Stimulas



New truck purchase

Trackhoe rental for Ladyrun

Bank signature cards



Febuary 24th 2022 @ 730 regular Meeting


Health insurance for board members

C.A.R.E.S. money update

O.D.O.T. stimulas

E.P.A. NOV update

American rescue plan update

Alzheimer support (link added two our website)

Road complaints

Updates on new plow and truck


January  27th 2022 @ 730 regular Meeting


  • Health insurance for board members
  • C.A.R.E.S money update
  • O.D.O.T. stimulas
  • E.P.A. N.O.V. update
  • American rescue plan update
  • Permissive tax
  • Bed tax
  • Loan program for fire apparatus


Special Meeting Tuesday Jan 18th 2022@ 730 pm


Swear in Trustee’s

2022 Budget

December 30th 2021 Regular Meeting @ 730pm


American rescue Plan (update)

Ross County Water Taps

ODOT Stimulus (update)

Windows for Building

C.A.R.E.S. Money

Lack of reporting on CARES money

Response to EPA


Regular Meeting November 22nd 2021 @ 730 pm


American Rescue Plan (potable water)

Fire Contract

ODOT Stimulus

Windows at township building

Permissive Township Tax



Regular Meeting October 28th 2021 @ 830


Roadwork update

American rescue plan

E.P.A. violation

O.D.O.T. Stimulus

Pike Run cemetery easement AEP

Regular Meeting Thursday September 30th @ 830 PM


  • Roadwork update
  • American rescue plan update
  • Buschur Case
  • E.P.A. Violation
  • O.D.O.T. Stimulus


Special Meeting Saturday Sept. 11 2021 @ 10 am


  • N.O.V. from E.P.A.
  • Grants

Regular Meeting Thursday August 26th @ 830 pm


  • Update on case with David Buschur of Wakeman Ohio
  • American rescue plan update
  • Roadwork update
  • Notice of Violation from EPA based on complaint by Sarah Roland of Ypsilanti Michigan about embankment repair done by Eagle Twp on Albright rd
  • ODOT Twp stimulus program
  • Regular Meeting Thursday July 29th 2021 @ 830 pm


  • Update on case with David Buschur
  • ARP American rescue plan
  • Road prep work
  • Complaint on Albright rd to Ohio EPA by resident
  • NOV (Notice of violation )
  • letter from Ohio EPA dated July 7 2021
  • ODOT stimulus money available
  • McGee Rd. ROW and Caskeys
  • Evert Turner fence damage claim
  • Kallous Certain wanting Township to reimburse for auto repairs
  • Fiscal officer Credit card
  • Special Meeting Thursday July 8th @ 7 pm


  • Discuss threats made to Trustee while in performance of Township duties
  • Report and statement Filed with Vinton county Sheriff’s office about threats
  • Case in review by Vinton County Prosecutor to decide if any charges will be filed against Eagle Township Trustee Jeff Elkins or David Buschur Vinton county Albright Rd land owner.
  • Trustee’s to discuss getting outside legal help to defend  against possible criminal charges from Vinton County Prosecutor against Trustee Jeff Elkins or Eagle Township or possible  Civil complaint by Mr. Buschur  against same.
  •   Update on American Rescue Plan
  •  Hiring Legal team for ARP guidance

Regular Meeting Thursday June 24th @ 830


  • Swearing in of new Fiscal Officer (Sharon Davison)
  • Update on current financial status
  • Update on filing 2020 financials
  • Status of manual record keeping to U.A.N. (Unified accounting network)
  • Complaint made by Sarah Roland Albright Rd. / grading, mowing
  • Complaint by David Buschur Albright Rd. / grading and light ditching
  • work performed by Township in ROW on Albright Rd reworked by Mr Buschur land owner
  • Truck Repairs
  • American Rescue Plan


*Special Meeting*

Friday May 28th 2021 @ 730 pm


  • Discuss Fiscal Officer Candidates
  • Appoint new Fiscal Officer to vacant position

Regular Meeting Thursday May 27th @ 830


  • Road prep work update
  • Lebanon cemetery plot
  • Radio 94.3 wkkj on web site
  • Traveling FO update
  • Caskey complaints

*Special Meeting Friday May 21st @830 pm*


-Fiscal officer appointment procedures

-Dixon Mill USDA project update/reflectors

-Traveling  Fiscal Officer

-Fiscal officer candidates


*Special Meeting Monday May17th @730pm*


-Fiscal officer appointment

-Dixon Mill culvert

-Tina Richendollar not returning Eagle Township documents and property

-Dixon Mill Project Extension

-Traveling Fiscal Officer

-Tina Richendollar resignation as Eagle Township Fiscal Officer


*Special Meeting Sunday April 11 2021 @ 6pm*


Fiscal Officer Performance/ Neglecting Duties


Regular Meeting April 29th 2021


  • Eagle Townships Fiscal Officers inability to file Townships annual financial statement on time
  • Fiscal officers lack of communication with Board of Trustees about township financials
  • Fiscal Officers refusal to join Unified Accounting Network that 95% of other States Entities have.
  • Fiscal Officer not responding to public records request
  • Fiscal Officers (Tina Richendollar) resignation
  • Removal proceedings of Eagle Township Fiscal Officer (Tina Richendollar)
  • Board health insurance
  • Fiscal officer credit card cancellation
  • Dixon Mill project update
  • Road prep update

Regular Meeting March 25th 2021


  • Eagle Township Fiscal Officers inability to file the Townships Annual Financial statements on time.
    • Why the Fiscal Officer will not communicate with Board of Trustees about Financial statement.
    • Fiscal Officers refusal to join the U.A.N. despite the Board passing resolution.
    • Dixon Mill USDA project update.
    • Solid Waste Management resolution
    • Chip and seal contract with county
    • Trackhoe rental
    • Employee hire


Regular Meeting Jan 28th 2021


-Lebanon cemetery

-McGee ROW

-Dixon Mill NRCS

-Dixon Mill Seymour culvert

-Fire protection

-Bullying Policy


Special meeting Thursday Jan 21 @ 730 pm


-2021 Budget

-Fire prevention officer payment

-Minuets on website


Regular Meeting Monday Dec 28th @ 730pm


-Fire prevention officer (Butch Valentine)

-Cares Act money

-Sub-Grant to Mia’s Pizza

-McGee ROW

-Bullying policy , Bullying claim against Jeff Elkins by Tina Richendollar


-USDA Dixon Mill

Special Meeting Wednesday 12/9 730pm


-CARES act money

-Dixon mill USDA update

-Dixon 16″ culvert decision

-Fiscal officer performance



Regular Meeting Wednesday 11/25/2020 @ 730pm








Regular meeting 10/29/2020 830pm


-Public comments

-Laurelville fire cheif (Butch)

-MCS work

-Seymour culvert

-record retention

-Mcgee row

-Meeting minuets on Web site





Special Meeting October 7th @ 0830


-Discussion with Seymours about Culvert at there residence

-Appropriate CARES act funds

-Grading work Riddle rd and Cemetery rd hills award






Regular Meeting September 24th 2020


-Public comment

-Chip seal

-NRCS Dixon mill update

-Seymour /Dixon culvert

-CCard procedure

-Record retention

-Mahindra fuel tank

-McGee ROW

-Conference calling for meetings



Special Meeting September 23rd @9 am


Discuss and make final decision on Dixon Mill culvert on Lindsey / Seymour’s land


Regular Meeting Thursday August 27th @830 pm

-state audit

-Seymour Culvert

-Records retention

-credit card procedures

-Fema update

-chip seal schedule

-Dixon mill project

-mahindra fuel leak

-sept 23rd special meeting

-Radclif hill

-new street signs

-yield sign @ cemetery and mcgee

-McGee row





Regular Meeting Thursday June 25th 2020 @ 830pm

Agenda– chip and seal contract schedule

-Culvert on Seymours land Dixon Mill

-progress of FEMA projects

-Dixin Mill NRCS project update

-Lebanon Cemetery plot sale

-resident contact


Special Meeting Monday June 15th @ 830

Agenda – Award road chip seal contract for 2020

  • Discuss obtaining easements from landowners for drainage